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Garden Book and Plant Giveaway


Enter the giveaway for Niki Jabbours great book, Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, and a box of Proven Winners plants.

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PA Herb & Garden Festival – York, PA


The fourteenth annual Pennsylvania Herb and Garden Festival will be held on April 13 and 14, 2012 at the York Expo Center, Memorial Hall, located at 334 Carlisle Avenue in York. Formerly the Pennsylvania Herb Festival, the event was expanded in 2011 to include more plants and products for gardeners while continuing to offer all […]

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Perennials that Wow the Crowd

Kniphofia ‘Echo Mango’

As Spring nears, there’s no better time to showcase the newest stars of the perennial world. What makes certain plants stand out as they walk down the red carpet and into your garden? The Perennial Diva Stephenie Cohen gives the play by play as the stars strut their stuff.

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Diggin' the Natives: Pycnanthemum muticum


Everyone loves pollinator plants, right?  What’s not to love – butterflies, bees, moths and so many others. So, how do you get all these lovlies to your garden?  Plant Pycnanthemum muticum, or Mountain Mint, one of the best native nectar sources for native butterflies! While the pinkish/white flowers in summer are rather small, the showy […]

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More Winning Perennials


Plant breeders strive to introduce the shiniest, ‘must have’ perennial. We are lucky to be able to share The Perennial Diva’s current picks of promising plants. Stephanie Cohen says it’s getting more and more difficult to pick winners and losers. She’s brave and kind enough to offer a few suggestions here

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Diggin’ the Natives – Vernonia lettermannii ‘Iron Butterfly’ (Dwarf Ironweed)


The name is rockin’ but the fun doesn’t stop there!  Vernonia ‘Iron Butterfly’ is one of the hottest plants on the market right now.  Excellent, clean foliage, dwarf habit, AND purple flowers when nothing else seems to be blooming (in the fall). Many have been “scared” away from New York Ironweed (Vernonia noveboracensis) due to […]

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There are many ways you can participate in the Plant-a-Seed-and-Remember Ceremony. Early in the ceremony, guests will arrive and record the names of people they are remembering in a keepsake album. You can bring annual flowers to plant as a remembrance, or there will be flowers available for purchase at the event. There will be complementary seeds.

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Falling for Fowls


“All this for an egg?” Grumped my husband. It’s really not about the eggs.

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Tale of the Startling Garden


It’s chaos. Creeping jenny has crept right past the rock walls without so much as stopping to pay a toll. Grasses, that are normally tame, are wild and partying over pathways. Freedom lawn has had a free for all freely spreading into my perennial beds. Tomatoes and asters are living together. There are chickens in the strawberries. Fading coneflowers dive head first into cardinal flowers. Oh… the inhumanity.

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