Nurturing Strong Seedlings


When growing seedlings indoors, the goal is extremely sturdy--healthy and tough--transplants that will stand up to any weather or pest while providing you with the best vegetables. full story

Laura Mathews

South Central Farmers Need Our Support


The South Central Farmers continue their fight to preserve open green space in LA. The Farm remains an international icon of low-income residents creating their own environmental justice. Join Tezozomoc and the farmers tomorrow in protest against recent actions. The South Central Farmers continue their fight to preserve open green space in LA. full story


GUI Fundraiser to Recoup Losses


Green Urban Initiative (GUI) will hold a fundraising event this Sunday, October 14th, from 2-7pm at the Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company (located at 50 N Cameron St Harrisburg, PA), in an effort to recoup material losses from the sudden destruction of the community garden formerly located at 6th and Curtin St. full story

Harrisburg Unapologetic about Garden Removal


Harrisburg City Council President angrily and personally attacks Green Urban Initiative members during the city council meeting held September 25, 2012. No one asked Wanda Williams why she had the authority to unilaterally order the removal of the GUI garden. full story

Politics of Growing Food


A suburban gardener in the brimmed hat pushing a wheelbarrow into a vegetable patch may not seem like a political act. But increasingly, it is. full story

PA Herb & Garden Festival – York, PA


The fourteenth annual Pennsylvania Herb and Garden Festival will be held on April 13 and 14, 2012 at the York Expo Center, Memorial Hall, located at 334 Carlisle Avenue in York. Formerly the Pennsylvania Herb Festival, the event was expanded in 2011 to include more plants and products for gardeners while continuing to offer all […] full story

New Book – Project Garden


We want to experience our yards to the fullest.  We want to share the food and the fun that can come from the land surrounding our homes with our families, but sometimes, we’re not really sure where to start.  Stacy Tornino is here to help.  Her book, Project Garden, offers information about planting and provides […] full story

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