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Native plants- Crucial for Environment


Landscapes need to be functional for nature. We need to abandon the idea that we are planting purely for the aesthetics of plants. Support these concepts articulated by Doug Tallamy, author of ‘Bringing Nature Home,’ at The annual Manada Conservancy Native Plant Sale is Saturday, May 7th, 2011, at Meadowood Native Plant Nursery.

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Local Gardener Gifts, Greetings 2


Find the best gifts while supporting local business. Here are some of my favorite West Shore haunts that offer great gift options and keep you AWAY from the mall.

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Purchasing Plants for Preservation

Shopping at Meadowood Nursery

You know you’re in company of true plant lovers when the crowd “coos” at an image of a baby walking fern, born on a rocky cliff in Pennsylvania.

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Growing Pains


I am infatuated with plants. My particular crush of the moment is on vegetable plants. But I have room in my heart for them all. Sometimes even weeds make me blush. I just can’t choose one type to court. This indiscriminate love has led me to Punk Rock Gardens. I have the opportunity to take […]

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Where can you buy this stuff?


I’m drawn to using native plants. I’ve recently been extolling the virtues of Lindera benzion, Spicebush. Someone asked me where to find it. It used to be that native plants were really hard to find. That’s changing.

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Nurturing Native Plants

Campanula Rotundifolia

Janet and Marge worked together to carefully free Helenium flexusuom “Tiny Dancer” from its flat. They placed the Pennsylvania native starter plants carefully on the table. Next, the plants would be given a new, larger home and nestled in peat-free growing medium.

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