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Nurturing Strong Seedlings


When growing seedlings indoors, the goal is extremely sturdy–healthy and tough–transplants that will stand up to any weather or pest while providing you with the best vegetables.

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South Central Farmers Need Our Support


The South Central Farmers continue their fight to preserve open green space in LA. The Farm remains an international icon of low-income residents creating their own environmental justice. Join Tezozomoc and the farmers tomorrow in protest against recent actions. The South Central Farmers continue their fight to preserve open green space in LA.

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One Garden Book is Not Like the Others


Amanda Thomsen has written a wonderfully fun and educational romp of a garden book called’; “Kiss My Aster; A Gardening Guide to Creating A Fantastic Yard Totally Tailored to You. ”

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Not All Farmers at the Table

Baby Duck Slide at the 97th Pa. Farm Show

At The PA State Farm Show The Pennsylvania State Farm Show is, at heart, an annual celebration of agriculture. Some local farmers who use sustainable methods, however, feel they have not been invited to the party. Sustainable farmers vary widely in their approach to food production, but the common thread among them is farming without […]

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Holiday Wreath Giveaway


Let’s turn-up the volume of holiday cheer with the help of P. Allen Smith. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, our attention turns from the garden to the holidays. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to let my hair down and throw myself into some celebration –softened by a dash of sitting thoughtfully with gratitude. […]

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Perennial Fruits


As we get more thoughtful about our gardening and become increasingly drawn to produce more of our own food, growing perennial edibles becomes an important next step.  Edible perennial fruits and food grow and spread each year, reduce the amount of spring planting and stand up to the weird weather mood swings we see in […]

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Harrisburg Unapologetic about Garden Removal


Harrisburg City Council President angrily and personally attacks Green Urban Initiative members during the city council meeting held September 25, 2012. No one asked Wanda Williams why she had the authority to unilaterally order the removal of the GUI garden.

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Community Garden Bulldozed


In a cash-strapped, drug and crime-ridden city, the first thing you want to get rid of is a community garden.  Right? Harrisburg City Council President Wanda Williams apparently thought so. On the order of Williams, and with zero warning, Harrisburg City Public Works Department bulldozers turned under a community garden plot in the Harrisburg neighborhood […]

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Rose Garden Rescued by Compost Tea


When things are overly stressful, a good shower, a good, nutrition-filled meal, and curling up under a thick blanket – makes all the difference. With the help of 35 volunteers and Malibu Compost, 5,000 roses were pampered in just that way. And the roses thanked everyone by getting their mojo back. Biodynamic compost tea and compost saved an historic garden.

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Plants Hate Solitary Confinement


Ok, I’ve tried. I cannot resist the urge share tidbits of garden wisdom I took home from the Native Plants in the Landscape Conference in Millersville, PA.

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