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We want to experience our yards to the fullest.  We want to share the food and the fun that can come from the land surrounding our homes with our families, but sometimes, we’re not really sure where to start.  Stacy Tornino is here to help.  Her book, Project Garden, offers information about planting and provides inspiring ideas about nature related projects that you’ll want to try with your children.

For me, many days are so cluttered with work that when I get a free moment, I’m not sure which direction to throw the what’s left of my energy. As a mom first, but a gardener solidly second, my thoughts in those moments tend to be directed outside.  As I step out into the garden, I can easily assign tasks to myself but I’m frequently challenged to come up with fun plans for my son and I do to do together.  Stacy’s colorful book invites us to take our kiddos outside and share.

Project Garden is organized with ideas for family fun, planting and cooking in a month by month format.

Have to say, there are few books that I refer to routinely. While I tend to dog ear books by some favorites like Michael Dirr and Stephanie Cohen, generally, I’m a internet girl. But I know, I will routinely check in with Stacy and Project Garden for play day ideas to share with my son and his friends.  Gardeners of all levels of experience will enjoy.

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