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One of the best things about my job is that I am constantly learning more about gardening and I have the opportunity to share what I learn.

Over time, I’ve found attending seminars is a fab way to learn a whole lot while connecting with other gardeners. If you’re interested in learning from people who make their living growing, check out the Outdoor Living Extravaganza, by Proven Winners in DC on April 21st.  A personal favorite, Joe Lamp’l, host of Growing A Greener World, will be there to talk on one of my favorite topics, growing your own food. You know I’ll be there. Other topics are plant varieties, strategies for using color in the garden, and design tips.

Joe Lamp'l

The day won’t be like college. You won’t be staring at the clock or starving. There will be lunch and a thank you gift.  If you’ve never been to a seminar like this, you’ll find the experience is stimulating and relaxing.  Speakers are lively and offer a ton of great info you’ll rely on over an over.

With Joe, the experts presenting at the DC Outdoor Living Extravaganza include Kerry Ann Mendez, a prolific garden writer and lecturer who focuses on time-saving gardening and workhouse plants; Kerry Meyer, a MS in Horticulture who will explain the process of plant development and go over new exciting introductions for 2011; and Susan Martin, a career long professional in the green industry, who will compare older and newer perennial varieties.

If you’d like to go but don’t live in the Mid Atlantic, there are 3 other locations.  Outdoor Living Extravaganza will be in San Diego, CA March 3rd, Grand Rapids, MI, April 14th, and Edmonton, AB, on May 12th.

Garden shows are another great place to pick up some gardening know-how.  Genevieve Schmidt, North Coast Gardening, outlines some California offerings including the San Fransisco Flower and Garden Show which I have the pleasure of photographing this year.  Other greats are , of course, the Philadelphia Flower Show, and the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

See you in DC!

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