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Diggin’ the Natives; Scutellaria incana


I have learned the hard way not to promote a plant until you have grown (killed)it at least once. While I haven’t grown Skullcap for long, it has proven to be a very tough character in a container.

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Mexican Bean Beetles Attack


Wonder why your bean plant leaves are lace?

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Lessons from P. Allen Smith


I’m not sure whether P. Allen Smith would articulate this in the same way, but I came to see his home and farm as a laboratory and living library bent on keeping alive healthy, happy living and growing practices from our history. I thank him for that.

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My Father’s Garden; Gardening is Life


In his youth, he valiantly defended our country and earned two purple hearts. He next grew a family and a career including overseas service. Bruce Malmont believed that life is a garden. He created his own dreams, his own life while constantly cultivating love in the hearts of his family. Finally, he was able to spend time in his own garden. His son, Jason, remembers his amazing life.

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