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Food Fields for Everyone


My strawberry field forever is made of tin and cinder block.

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Diggin’ the Natives – Garden Phlox

smphlox pan jeana 4 wb

It is true, most cultivars of garden phlox do get mildew, however it will not kill the plant. Powdery mildew rarely does. And in this instance height can be a virtue – tuck it behind some shrubs and allow the wonderful flowers to dance in the background.

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My Big Fat Racist Tomatoes


“Black Sea Man. Cherokee Purple. Aunt Ruby’s German Green. Yellow Plum. I even intermingled the shameless Pink Oxheart with the Amish Paste for heaven’s sake.” A guest post from author Michael Nolan.

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Plants and Education at MAEscapes

Liatris punctata

Using native plants in the landscape is vital to the survival of wildlife and the environment of Central Pennsylvania. If you want to know more about using natives in the landscape, attend one or more of the free seminars being offered during the event:

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Native plants- Crucial for Environment


Landscapes need to be functional for nature. We need to abandon the idea that we are planting purely for the aesthetics of plants. Support these concepts articulated by Doug Tallamy, author of ‘Bringing Nature Home,’ at The annual Manada Conservancy Native Plant Sale is Saturday, May 7th, 2011, at Meadowood Native Plant Nursery.

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