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Winter Interest


Consider turning the winter interest amp up to 11 in your garden. Plants are lovely to experience in their winter form. There are a many ways to do this.

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Sculpture in the Garden


Garden art is a crucial element in any successful garden; whether a custom piece created by the gardener, a piece of whimsy found at your local discount store, or a piece created by an award winning artist. Dan Witmer is one such artist, based in Lancaster County, PA, has won several “Best of Show” and […]

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Getting Down with Worms


Efficiently break down scraps and create very alive, incredibly rich compost by letting worms eat your trash. Worm composting can be done many ways. Worms are natural garbage disposals, so if given shelter and food, they will go to town and make rich compost that you can ad to your soil. Here are some general guidelines for worm composting.

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