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New Food Safety Tool for Farmers


Last week, an online tool was released by, in concert with the USDA, to assist farmers in gaining certification that they are growing and handling food in the safest manner.

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Proven Winners Garden Gurus


Starting today, I will be one of several Garden Gurus working with Proven Winners. I am honored to be part of Proven Winners family.

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Good Food Film Countdown


Between now and November 28th, thanks to and SnagFilms , there’s an easy and free way to stream movies about food, vote for your favorite, all while entering to win a years worth of organic food and sustainable cleaning products.

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Diggin' the Natives: Pycnanthemum muticum


Everyone loves pollinator plants, right?  What’s not to love – butterflies, bees, moths and so many others. So, how do you get all these lovlies to your garden?  Plant Pycnanthemum muticum, or Mountain Mint, one of the best native nectar sources for native butterflies! While the pinkish/white flowers in summer are rather small, the showy […]

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More Winning Perennials


Plant breeders strive to introduce the shiniest, ‘must have’ perennial. We are lucky to be able to share The Perennial Diva’s current picks of promising plants. Stephanie Cohen says it’s getting more and more difficult to pick winners and losers. She’s brave and kind enough to offer a few suggestions here

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Explore Sustainability Visually


There’s an exciting new place to explore sustainability visually in PA. Husband and wife photography team, Florence and Anthony Rodale have launched a groundbreaking photo gallery in Emmaus, PA, focusing on promotion of sustainability through photography. The first exhibit, open now, is the fascinating collection of work dubbed the Lexicon of Sustainability by Douglas Gayeton.

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Diggin’ the Natives – Vernonia lettermannii ‘Iron Butterfly’ (Dwarf Ironweed)


The name is rockin’ but the fun doesn’t stop there!  Vernonia ‘Iron Butterfly’ is one of the hottest plants on the market right now.  Excellent, clean foliage, dwarf habit, AND purple flowers when nothing else seems to be blooming (in the fall). Many have been “scared” away from New York Ironweed (Vernonia noveboracensis) due to […]

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Slow Money Grows for Good


Financiers have dirt on their hands.  Thanks to the Slow Money Alliance, some of that dirt is now lovely and fertile soil. As evidenced by the Occupy Wall Street movement, there is much distrust of financial institutions.  After decades of big banks and investment companies criminally increasing profit margins at any cost, they are viewed […]

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The Envelope Please! The Winner is—–


Every year new perennials tempt customers to buy them. Some become instant successes, others never achieve notoriety, and some really bad plants hang around forever. It gets more and more difficult to pick the winners and losers. I am either brave or foolhardy for attempting to do this. Let’s have a drum roll. We are […]

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Saving Our Oldest Seed House


Printed catalogs mixed with new media create hope of rescuing D. Landreth Seed located in New Freedom, PA. Innovation in seed catalogs were one of many firsts the company brought to the business. Now, the catalog may save the company. That, and social media. You can order the catalog on line.

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