Gifts for Gardeners 2010

Last Christmas, our gift giving guide was a nod to quality garden tools for gardeners.  This year, while tools are still amazingly good gifts for gardeners, we thought we’d do three separate posts that dig a little deeper into the why’s and how’s and what’s of deciding what you as a gardener may want to add to your own Christmas list and possibly help you find gifts for loved ones that garden.

I’ll yammer on about guidelines for gifts in this post.  I’ll also post a romp in the journal section about my odd desires for eclectic garden stuff.  Finally on Wednesday, Wendy and I will offer gift ideas from our local favorites and green businesses that inspire us.

A few generalizations about gardeners will help start you on the path to great garden gift giver. Or, perhaps, give you ideas about items for your own Christmas list.

Gardeners understand Nature’s intricate balance.  Trends that protect the earth appeal to most gardeners.  For that reason, many gardeners whole-heartedly support local food initiatives, organic gardening methods and backyard homesteading.

If shopping for a local food fanatic, you have a ton of interesting options.  One of my favorite gifts for anyone who appreciates fab veggies, is a membership in a CSA.  This is an amazing way to thrill and care for someone you love through several seasons.

Another option would be a gift certificate for a local food restaurant like Lancaster’s amazing John J Jefferies.  Stop by your farm markets as well to look for local farms that make products like cheese or soaps and create a basket of farm products for your gardener.  I’ll list a few PA folks at the end.

I may be the only gardener who would be genuinely happy to receive a gallon of kelp fertilizer, but many of us would love organic gardening items.

Worms as a stocking stuffer?  Seriously, if give your loved one a worm composting bin and worms to get started, your gardener won’t find you slimy.  They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and know you get how deep their gardening addiction has become.  Worms not your thing? Try an attractive crock to store kitchen compost scraps.  Fill it with packets of seeds and summer blooming bulbs like dahlias.  I personally have wanted to try a weed burner.

If your list includes someone whose love for gardening extends way past hobby and way into lifestyle,  gifts that help produce and preserve garden bounty are the way to go.  If your loved one has been making noise about canning, consider canning equipment.   If backyard fresh eggs have come up in conversation, consider chicken accessories, coop plans or an incubator.

Your gardener is more into plants than livestock?  Any serious gardener would be seriously grateful to receive a cold frame.  And they might even share fresh greens from it.

What garden gifts would you love or would the crazy gardener in your life love?

Here are some local resources;

Keswick Creamery is a well known local producer of cheese.  Look for them!

Home delivery of milk, cheese and ice cream!  What could be better?  Apple Valley Creamery.

Sustainable raised veggies and meats; Painted Hand Farm.

There are so many more!  Jujo Acres for healthy beef! Dickinson College Farm, they may sell in the dining hall again this year!  I’ll let you know…

If you’d like more local sources of sustainably produced farm products, let us know!  I’ll shake the trees for you!  Happy Holidays!

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Laura is a garden writer and photographer. She writes online content for gardening websites, writes for gardening publications and blogs for three gardening blogs. Her interests are local food, organic gardening, backyard homesteading and native plants. She assists gardening related clients with social media. And occasionally, she'll offer a solicited opinion as a garden coach.


  1. Laura you aren’t the only one that would appreciate kelp fertilizer for the holidays. That would be an awesome gift. Our farmer’s market has gift certificates available, but what I would really love would be a subscription to the organic foods share during the winter. Imagine picking up a box of organic veggies each week and not knowing exactly what you will get? It forces you to be creative, try new things and most of all actually cook.
    That or a gift certificate for books. One can never have enough gardening books.

    # Posted on November 30, 2010 at 11:54 am by Kat White
  2. The compost crock is lovely! Right now I use a take out container and it’s so not attractive on my counter top. I’ll have to put this one on my list.

    # Posted on November 30, 2010 at 4:05 pm by meemsnyc

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