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Garden Goofs 2009


If Thomas Jefferson couldn’t perfect vegetable growing, I can’t fault myself too much for still making mistakes. Here are my top seven blunders of 2009.

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Honest Scrap Award


Interesting….  I’ve been asked for honesty.  I attempt to be authentic most times, even to the point of being self-depricating.  I accept the challenge. I am a huge fan of Susan Cohan so I’m flattered she tagged me for an Honest Scrap Award.  I feel blessed to have an interesting life and fascinating friends, but […]

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Farmer Cultivates Knowledge of Farming


Farming is difficult. Still, Daniel Isner hopes to do more than successfully grow food. He hopes to help people. He’s moving to a farm in January. He’ll need his passport. His farm is in Ghana.

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Gifts for Gardeners


Want to make your favorite gardening fanatic smile on Christmas? Some thoughts on how to make that happen.

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