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In my garden this morning, my son, who has been eating my cherry tomatoes off the vine since he was one, said, ” These tomatoes don’t have any taste. Why didn’t you grow those tomatoes like they had at Highland Gardens?”


Highland Gardens held their first Tomato Festival Saturday

Yesterday, he went with me to the Tomato Festival at Highland Gardens in Camp Hill and was referring to the Chocolate Cherry tomatoes grown by Jackie Kline. Her Chocolate Cherries placed second in the Fest.  As you might expect, Chocolate Cherries were sweet dark flavor bombs, and first place in my son’s mind.

Individuals, like Jackie, could enter tomatoes they’d grown to be judged on their flavor by the owner of The Pizza Grill.  You could also taste tomato varieties and decide which appealed most to you. The idea was to help you find the perfect tomato to grow for your personal preference. Then come next spring, it would be easier to narrow down your tomato plant choices

First placed went to heafty Brandywine tomatoes grown by George Weaver, second were the Chocolate Cherries and third place went to Amish Gold yellowtomcherry tomatoes grown by Erica Shaffer.

Spiral Path provided beautiful organically grown tomatoes to round out the selections.  Any tomatoes entered and not tasted were donated to Channels Food Rescue which is a local food bank that gathers and distributes perishable food to missions and soup kitchens.

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