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Camp Hill Tomato Taste


Individuals entered tomatoes they’d grown to be judged on their flavor. Attendees could also taste tomato varieties and decide which appealed most to them. The idea was to help you find the perfect tomato to grow for your personal preference.

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Tomato Tidbits; Why do we do all this?


In the midst of this season’s oddness and challenge, I’ve heard bits of good news and anecdotes that explain why gardeners will excitedly grow tomatoes next year.
It’s a quest for that great tomato flavor.

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Flavors of Tomato Season


Evelyn liked the Cabernet, “ It had a nice balance of sweet and acid,” she said. But this cab was served in chunks. It was a tomato. She hopes to grow Cabernet at home next year. Who knew?

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Caring for more than Flowers


Born from love of her mom and compassion for others, Laura Lee Lukunich, of Hampden twp., started, “Passion for Mother’s Flowers” to help those struggling with serious illness maintain their gardens.

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Tale of the Startling Garden


It’s chaos. Creeping jenny has crept right past the rock walls without so much as stopping to pay a toll. Grasses, that are normally tame, are wild and partying over pathways. Freedom lawn has had a free for all freely spreading into my perennial beds. Tomatoes and asters are living together. There are chickens in the strawberries. Fading coneflowers dive head first into cardinal flowers. Oh… the inhumanity.

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Shady Characters to Love


I bought my home because of the land surrounding it.  I love the tall trees and the feel of the woodland-like space.  But when I started planning the gardens, I panicked a little.  I had not a clue about shade gardening. An old friend is currently starting a similar process and asked me if I […]

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Thinking Fall Vegetable Planting


Here’s a schedule for fall vegetable planting thanks to Erica Shaffer of Highland Gardens. Is it time? Alas. It is. This year, given all the fungus and muck we’ve dealt with, fall planting feels like a second chance. A fresh start.

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Disease Number Two Due to Damp


Three Strains of Downy Mildew Confirmed in PA One of the hard facts of growing plants outdoors is the annually and sometimes daily changing weather.  This year, damp conditions throughout the Mid-Atlantic have brought another disease to our vegetable gardens this season. While Downy mildew is not a stranger to our area, it is not […]

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