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This weekend, native plant gardeners across York County will open their doors to visitors in support of conservation landscaping.

York County Penn State Extension Master Gardeners and Maescapes sponsor the fourth annual “Bring Back the Natives” garden tour Saturday, July 11th, 2009, from 9am to 5pm.  Proceeds benefit Maescapes.

Founded to utilize native plants for promotion and education on conservation landscaping, Maescapes was formed by York County Master Gardeners and plant professionals.  One project the group has undertaken is the installation of  several gardens using conservation landscaping principles at the York County Annex building.

Tickets to the sites are available at any garden included in the tour and at the York County Annex, 112 Pleasant Acres Road. A ticket purchased the day of the event will be $10 per person. The ticket is a pamphlet that includes directions to the ten participating gardens throughout the county.

A good place to start might be at the southern end of the county at Doyle Farm Nursery or nearby Heartwood Nursery.

A pioneering native plant grower, Jacqueline Doyle, is considering retiring and is having a really great sale during the tour.  As I mentioned in my previous posting on Jackie, she has been inspiring to others including Judy Bono who will be at Heartwood Nursery during the tour.  Both nurseries are hosting educational programs including propagating demonstrations and digging and pruning workshops.  For specifics,  click on their hyperlinks above.

I’m going to the tour to say hi, learn more about native plants and I will have cash in hand to do some shopping!

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