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Open lab; Landisville Research Farm


Here, researchers with Penn State Cooperative Extension, evaluate the growth and development of a variety of plants using scientific methods. Plant trials are conducted to determine how plants compare to each other with consistent care in outside garden conditions.

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Couple Forges Path to Native Plants


Maybe it was the artist in them. Maybe it was a long held appreciation of the beauty of simple. But almost instinctively they understood they could create spectacular terrain around their home and around their impressive native trees, by copying nature, not taming her.

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Guitar and Garden


You might know Deuce Gibb as the front man for the Martini Bros.  You might know him as a talented hairdresser and owner of Deuce Gibb Salon. If you know him, you probably also know that he races dirt bikes; loves hot rods and motorcycles. But you probably don’t know that Deuce Gibb loves the […]

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Fresh Terrain


Higher Garden Center Ground – I sensed the folks running the place understood why I garden.

Mixed with all the beauty and style were earth conscious offerings. Fresh local produce was offered next to neat tables of books on cooking from the garden. There were primitive antiques. There were cool plants. The café serves only locally produced foods. I sensed the designers knew me.

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Asiatica Open House

This Friday, July 17th, there is the first of several open houses at Asiatica which is a mail order nursery which grows specialty plants, primarily Asian.

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Happy Picking


Mom, mom, MOM!?! Can I eat this berry please?!… Berries are ripening and it’s a perfect time to get out and pick your own. We are lucky to have several great farms in Central PA that offer pick your own. I had a particularly nice time at Paulus Orchards near Dillsburg yesterday.

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What's up with my veggie Garden?


This spring has has been trying for gardeners.  And possibly excessively trying for first time gardeners. The best thing about the season so far?  We haven’t had to water.  Or use our AC.  Worst thing?  We haven’t had to water. Water in the form of rain is always best.  My plants perk up after a […]

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Bring back the Natives Garden Tour


This weekend, native plant gardeners across York County will open their doors to visitors in support of conservation landscaping. York County Penn State Extension Master Gardeners and Maescapes sponsor the fourth annual “Bring Back the Natives” garden tour Saturday, July 11th, 2009, from 9am to 5pm.  Proceeds benefit Maescapes. Founded to utilize native plants for […]

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Symphony in their Garden


To keep harmony but ensure that funky rythyms run thoughout, Holly and Carl Socolow, of Camp Hill, PA, studiously mix texture and sizes of leaves and flowers while avoiding sudden changes.

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Many things at once and Snakes


I ponder how my divergent interests fit together.  How does passion for local food go with ornamental gardening….  how does being irked about how much fossil fuel we burn as a society mesh with wanting to travel to fabulous gardens in nearby regions.  Should I write something about my chickens for a gardening blog?   The […]

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