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Fresh Food for Health

Nevin Kreider

Each time you choose locally grown organic foods, you are making an investment in your future health care said Jennifer Halpin, Director of the College Farm Project at Dickinson College. Sometimes you might have to spend a little extra. Or we might have to change our patterns a bit. But the effort is rewarded with […]

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Volkswagens in Love

As a kid, I always thought Japanese beetles were kind of pretty, like small jewels. That was then. This is now. Now, there they were, uncountable clusters of them. I swear, on quiet afternoons I can hear them chewing.

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Container Curiosities

Broccoli in Container

The fed-ex quy was animated and wide-eyed when he asked me, “Is that BROCCOLI?” as he pointed to the large pot on the base of my front stairs.

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Purchasing Plants for Preservation

Shopping at Meadowood Nursery

You know you’re in company of true plant lovers when the crowd “coos” at an image of a baby walking fern, born on a rocky cliff in Pennsylvania.

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