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Why Native? Here's Why

Red Bud

Many of us know that plants native to a specific area grow particularly well, because they are genetically suited to the specific growing conditions having evolved over centuries to prosper in that specific climate. It is right plant, right place cubed. We’ve heard the arguments that natives are easier to grow.

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Turned into Nature


Today, at Doyle’s farm, birds sing a symphony, actually kinda loud, as Doyle’s peacocks show off their tail feathers and Jackie, as she has for most of her life, tends her plants. Her home is now surrounded by gardens with tall trees and shrubs. Birders travel to her farm to watch the birds she has attracted with her plantings.

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Produce Direct from Producer


There’s a surprise in each box. And the prize is perhaps the opposite of the cheap plastic toy we used to find at the bottom of a box of sugar-laden cereal. As a member of a CSA, each week, it’s fun to open your box and peer inside at the selection of healthy, locally grown produce your farmers have provided for you.

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Dickinson College Farm contibutes to Enviromental Award

The beautiful stone foundation barn along the road looks like any other picturesque barn in Pennsylvania. But as you walk up the lane toward the greenhouses, off to the left, you see canvas covered yurts, chickens free ranging, and a row of shiny solar panels. New shine meets old wisdom in harmony, straddling old and […]

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How to Hug a tree? Hire Professional Tree Care


Tree guys are not all the same. In the state of Pennsylvania you need a license to cut hair professionally, but you don’t need a license for cutting trees in the same capacity. Anyone with a saw and a pickup truck can respond to your call for tree work, and say, “I am the man for the job.” It is up to you to decide if that is indeed the case.

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Check the plant's background

Invasive Plants

I’ve wanted a gardening knife. I’m told they make weeding and dividing a breeze. After today, I’m convinced I need one. I need a knife for a desperate fight. I am embroiled in a war and I’m concerned it may go on all summer.

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Mini-farmin' Mom


It’s been cold here in Pennsylvania but that hasn’t stopped me from being busy in the garden. I don’t have a farm, yet. But that hasn’t stopped me from farming. Mini-sized. I have a 10 square foot farm working in my basement. Under my seedling benches topped with precariously placed grow lights almost kissing the […]

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